JS Paint

JS Paint is a pixel-perfect remake of Microsoft Paint that runs in the browser.

Free Open source under the permissive MIT License.

Ideas Request features and report bugs on GitHub or by email.

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More info Read about the project and extra features on the readme.

$ Support the project at paypal.me/IsaiahOdhner.

Windows 98 online

Windows logo button Windows 98 flag pole animation JS Paint is also included in a web-based version of Windows 98, along with Notepad, Minesweeper, Sound Recorder, Calculator, and Winamp.

Windows 98 desktop recreation with Minesweeper, Paint, and other programs White cat putting paws up and looking around windows swung open outwards ENTER / 由此進入

Desktop Version (New!)

built with Electron
screenshot of JS Paint Electron app running on macOS

For a more native experience, you can install the JS Paint desktop app. It works on Windows, macOS, and Linux.


Download Here Grey tabby cat

Progressive Web App

JS Paint on a phone

Alternatively, you can install JS Paint as a PWA (Progressive Web App), but this does not yet support offline use (as it doesn't include a Service Worker). It's more like a bookmark (for now), except it runs in a special window.

The user interface for installing PWAs differs by browser and operating system.

On most desktop browsers, the install prompt is in the URL bar. On mobile, the install prompt is generally found in the menu of browser options. See Installing PWAs for visual guidance.

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I also made a separate elaborate MS Paint clone that runs in the terminal, and edits ANSI art in addition to bitmaps.

You can install it with: pip install textual-paint

And then run with simply: textual-paint

Requires Python 3.10 or later, and a terminal emulator with Unicode and true color support.

screenshot of Textual Paint showing the About Paint dialog Computer typing on its own keyboard

Textual Paint was built using the Textual framework, which was very fun to work with!

I may have more Paint projects planned, the mad man that I am. 🎨

What's more retro than a terminal-based Paint program, I wonder?

Other Projects

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Isaiah Odhner

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Here are some buttons I made

Feel free to copy these to your site! Some of them are rubbish, but a few of them I'm quite happy with.

Right click on the image and select "Save image as..." to download it, then copy and paste the HTML code below it into your site, and update the src attribute to point to where you're hosting the image.

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Here are some buttons I collected

I don't know where most of these came from, and I've repurposed some of them.

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